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I have submitted three notebooks to the Wekeo Jupyter Notebook Competition.

Notebooks, where working code is mixed with text and visualizations, are powerful tools to test and share ideas with a quantitative approach in mind. Wekeo is one of the European Data and Information Access Service (DIAS) that provides computing resources and easy access to the Copernicus data, services and satellite imagery. It is extremely important for Europe to provide such services and be competitive with US companies in exploiting the value of the Copernicus data released under an open data policy. In my notebooks I use three datasets from the Copernicus services to extract three essential climate variables: the near surface air temperature, the solar radiation and the nitrogen dioxide. The air temperature is a key indicator of climate change, is the heat we feel and that, as we all know, is increasing because of the global warming. The solar radiation is the energy that hits the Earth surface after it goes through the atmosphere and the clouds. It is useful to decide what should be the size of a solar power plant to produce enough energy or hot water to support the consumption of a family or community in a sustainable way. Finally, the nitrogen dioxide is an indicator of the air pollution. I hope my notebooks will be helpful to those who are interested in using the Copernicus data.

19th Oct. 2022 Solar Radiation Notebook Awarded the 3rd Prize of the Wekeo JNC

I am glad to say that one of my notebooks, the one on solar radiation, won the 3rd place of the Wekeo Jupyter Notebook competition. Thanks to Dr. Hayley Evers-King, Christopher Stewart and the team from Copernicus, EUMETSAT, ECMWF, Mercator Ocean for the nice award ceremony (video from 8:05) and certificate.

Award Ceremony